Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro|Bora Purple


Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro|Bora Purple


Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro|Bora Purple

  • 24bit Hi-Fi sound for quality listening experience.
  • ANC with 3 high SNR microphones eliminate more exterior noise.
  • Ergonomic design for comfort fit.
  • 360 audio surrounds you like you’re there. 

Condition: Unsealed but in excellent condition

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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro|Bora Purple

  • Three Galaxy Buds2 Pro devices are lined up. The Bora Purple Galaxy Buds2 Pro device in the front has two earbuds hovering above the closed case. The middle White closed case is followed by a closed Graphite Galaxy Buds2 Pro case.


    The clear choice for quality sound

    A woman enjoying herself while DJing at a party with Buds2 Pro in her left ear.

    24-BIT Hi-Fi AUDIO

    Hear sound as it was intended, wirelesslyThe inside mechanics of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro..

    2-way speakers
    for wide frequency response 
    delivers deeper bass 
    produces crisp treble

    Hi-Fi audio

    A fragmented 3D sound wave in a pointy zigzag waveform to indicate a less-smooth sound.16-bit

    A smooth 3D sound wave in a flowy squiggly waveform to indicate a smoother sound experience.24-bit

    Every note sounds like the real thing because clear audio starts at the source with your favorite Samsung Galaxy device. The updated Samsung Seamless Codec encodes the full 24-bit audio to decode on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, maintaining that same 24-bit high-quality sound.


    Puts your playlist in focus

    Active Noise Canceling (ANC) is better than ever.With 3 high SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) microphones, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro tracks and eliminates more outside sound — even soft sounds like wind.

    Switching to in-person conversations is easy with Voice Detect.Two women laughing and having a conversation while facing each other. The woman on the right has a Buds2 Pro in her left ear.

    Simply start talking and Voice Detect will turn off ANC and activate Ambient sound — allowing you to clearly hear the conversation without removing your Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

    Two women laughing and having a conversation while facing each other. The woman on the right has a Buds2 Pro in her left ear.


    360 AUDIO

    Hear it like you’re there


    Sound on for deeper dimension

    With Dolby Atmos, movies and music move around you in a way they can’t with standard sound. An immersive soundscape free from simple left or right channels surrounds you in details with direction. Grab your earbuds to try out 360 Audio and hear what you’ve been missing.


    Your life in sync

    Two people lying next to each other on the ground. The guy on the left positioned upside down is facing the girl on the right, while the girl on the right is left side up with both their heads next to each other. Both are joyfully having a conversation with a Buds2 Pro in their ear. Both people also have a Watch5 on their wrists.

    Style in tune with you

    Enjoy a comfortable fit, thanks to the ergonomically designed earbuds. Enhanced wind flow technology helps reduce ear canal pressure and minimizes noise — for comfort and clarity.
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