When it comes to saving the planet we mean business. That’s our mission. It’s why we here and it’s the reason we do what we do, everyday.


We recycle electronic waste in an environmentally sound way. Furthermore we don’t just recycle IT. Instead we actively refurbish IT equipment with longevity in mind. We are passionate about reliability and about extending the life cycle of the products we sell for as long as possible.

The result is a range of quality computing goods that are as good as brand new.

What is refurbished IT equipment?

It is essential to understand that used and refurbished IT equipment isn’t the same thing. Used equipment was owned by someone else while refurbished equipment is pre-owned hardware that has been submitted to rigorous testing, inspection and has been reset to the original factory settings.

Our refurbishment process:

  • A stress test on all components – the hard drive, RAM, motherboard etc.
  • Data sanitistion, in line with the POPI Act.
  • A full refurbishment to create a working PC, printer, scanner or other electronic device.
  • Sale to the public, educational institutions and businesses.

Our Certifications

Make the Greener and Cleaner Choice

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For Every 1000 Tons of Electronics

Landfill creates 1 job

Recycling creates 15 jobs

Refurbishment creates 200 jobs

Each of us can make a difference by doing our bit to help reduce e-waste. Buying refurbished equipment is the smart choice for your pocket and for the planet.

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